Monday, May 13, 2013

My Etsy Boutique~

Hi everyone!

I have been extremely busy with life, children and health lately! I opened my Etsy Shop a few days ago and I'm just working with getting everything uploaded and descriptions completed! I hand make everything, so I don't have a huge stock, however I can customize just about ANYTHING! I also have a few of these listed on my Facebook page.

I love little girls and making adorable and glamorous dance/dress up clothing for little ladies! Please come by my shop, be a "favoriter/follower/liker, etc. and I'd love for you to share my shop! I absolutely LOVE supporters and encouragement from all of my bloggy/mommy/wifey friends out here in the world wide web!

 Every single item is VERY well made and cared for, plus can be special made for you! As sales come in, I will be adding more! I'm hoping this shop will grow and everyone will enjoy and love my merchandise for their little girls!

Also, I am in the plans of offering sales on my FB page on certain days of the week! You can post "sold" on ones you want for your daughter, niece, God-daughter, Granddaughter, friend, etc. and I would just send you over a PayPal invoice, then ship! Easy-Peasy!!

Thank you for coming by and please remember to follow me and check out my Etsy!

Have a blessed day!


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  2. That's great! Good luck with the shop! With these fabulous clothes, you definitely have a niche in Etsy. But given the number of sellers out there, you also need to make yourself known. Keep your social media accounts often updated so people are aware of your newest products. Try out other forms of online promotions so you can get more traffic to your Etsy. You already have a nice line of clothing. Now you just need the right people to see them and become loyal customers.

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  3. New follower Here! Sweet blog!



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